A.R.E. Ascensori a Risparmio Energetico (Energy-Saving Elevators)

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"A tradition that comes from afar"
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A.R.E. Energy-Saving Elevators

This is Our Story

A.R.E. S.r.l. was established in 2009 as a natural evolution of the vision of its founder Franco Antonelli.

Franco was born in 1938 and has spent close to sixty years working in the elevator industry.

Here, his main contribution has been to create a technology, which allows electric elevating platforms to be used within shafts longer than 4 metres (1995).

He has also made them incredibly energy efficient, to the point of being able to power them with normal lead batteries (2003 patent) and to establish energy recovery levels that, to date, are unmatched by any other Italian or international manufacturer...

Our Story

Research & Development

R&D A.R.E. per l'elevazione ecosostenibile
Tecnologia proprietaria A.R.E. per il risparmio energetico nell'elevazione

Our strength lies in never resting on our laurels: every day our technical staff works on innovative ideas to develop what we call Made in A.R.E Technology"; it means we put into practice the Values that guide us.

Research & Development

Who We Are Today

Filippo Antonelli Amministratore Unico di A.R.E. srl

A.R.E. is a youthful and dynamic company, proud of its work and of the contribution it is able to make in the development of a pollution-reducing technology able to produce elevating platforms and elevators that consume less than 150 and 300 Watts, respectively.

A.R.E. develops elevating systems of absolute excellence for its national and foreign customers, both in terms of quality and energy saving.

Our Vision

Our Production

We are a company that researches, designs and develops its elevating systems down to its minutest detail. All our systems are custom-made.

In other words, we do not offer a standard catalogue of models to which the Customer is forced to adapt. We apply our technology and know-how to create custom-made solutions in accordance to client requests.

In other words, our standard is custom-made"


Our Products

A.R.E. offers 3 product types with specific features to satisfy all installation needs.

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Our Technology

The technology used by A.R.E. is proprietary, having been developed by developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

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Our Installations

Our solutions can be adapted to any installation, which architects and designers may request, making it easier to make the most of the spaces we live in.

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