A.R.E. Ascensori a Risparmio Energetico (Energy-Saving Elevators)

A.R.E. Energy-Saving Lifts




Eco-sustainability and energy recovery applied to elevation systems

Definition: sustainability is the feature of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely. In the environmental field, it is the process of change in which the exploitation of resources and the orientation of technological development are in harmony and enhance the current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations. Sustainability implies a constant and preferably increasing well-being (environmental, social, and economic) and the prospect of leaving a superior quality of life to future generations.

Technological innovation that safeguards the environment

By developing a Technology based on energy recovery, we, at A.R.E., have made a concrete and significant step forward towards the construction of elevation systems able to have a minimal impact on the resources needed to power them.

Our Technology, which focuses on the use of batteries and applies to all our models, has a standard "accumulator" for recovering energy, which is then stored and made available for operating the elevating platform system instead of being dispersed in the form of heat.

For A.R.E., energy-recovery is an essential value of innovation

This regenerative technology produces two great advantages: the first is that the plant produces by itself a substantial part of the energy that would otherwise be lost in the form of heat. The second is immediate savings for the user.

Furthermore, the eco-sustainability of the plants has the advantage of requiring less energy from the external electricity grid, reducing pollution.

These are unique energy-saving values in our industry

Physics does not allow movement without energy consumption and A.R.E. places itself - at an international level - at the top of energy-saving, highly efficient and regenerative elevation systems, becoming the number one choice for all those users who believe that reducing pollution is a duty rather than a need.

All our systems require a minimum power requirement: less than 300 Watts for elevators and less than 150 Watts for the elevating platforms. These are very far from the 5 Kilowatts of the most efficient electric lifts or the 10 Kilowatts of the hydraulic elevating platforms. On top of this, our products are also able to recover a large part of the energy they consume.

The picture that emerges is that A.R.E. has produced an eco-sustainable elevator with levels of energy savings, which are a first for the industry.

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