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Our Research Guides Our Work

We invest in business and academic research to continually improve batteries and their energy efficiency. We also identify, evaluate, and test the very latest generation solutions employed in other industries to develop products that keep us ahead of the curve.

Our Technology
Research and Development for Eco-sustainable Elevators Made in A.R.E.

Our Technology's Key Strengths are:

  • ascensore a risparmio energetico A.R.E. srl

    We Save Energy

    Our Mangusta and MiniWatt® elevating platforms and our Elios elevator consume less than 150 and 300W, respectively.

    ascensore eco-sostenibile A.R.E. srl

    We are eco-sustainable

    Our elevation systems auto-regenerate much of the energy they need.

    impianti ecologici e puliti

    Our Installations are Clean and Environment- friendly

    All our installations do not use any type of oil or lubricants, which make them clean, odourless, and waste-less.

  • nessun aumento di potenza del contatore

    Our Products do not Need Additional Power Supply

    Our products consume as much as a lightbulb, which means there is no need for additional power supply.

    sistema anti-blackout A.R.E. srl

    We Work in Blackouts

    Thanks to our products use of batteries, our anti-blackout system ensures that they work even during a power outage, making them among the safest elevators in the market.

    garanzia della massima sicurezza

    We Guarantee Maximum Safety

    Ever since Franco Antonelli was the first in Italy to apply the safety standards envisaged for elevators to elevating platforms, our focus has always been to create the safest possible elevating systems.

Our Products

A.R.E. offers 3 product types with specific features to satisfy all installation needs.

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Our Technology

The technology used by A.R.E. is proprietary, having been developed by developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

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Our Installations

Our solutions can be adapted to any installation, which architects and designers may request, making it easier to make the most of the spaces we live in.

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