A.R.E. Ascensori a Risparmio Energetico (Energy-Saving Elevators)

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We produce only battery-powered elevating systems.
Auto-regenerative and Eco-sustainable technology.
Our industry experience began in 1958.

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The "Made in A.R.E." Technology Standard

At A.R.E., we design and produce electric elevating platforms and elevators, which differ from the rest of the industry by being battery-operated and having low energy requirements.

Our electric elevating platforms consume less than 150 Watts, which makes them market leaders in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Our Strengths

The key strengths of the ARE (Energy-Saving Elevators) technology can be summed up as follows:

  • ascensore a risparmio energetico A.R.E. srl

    Patents and Energy Efficiency

    Our products offer superior performance to hydraulic elevators, consuming, on average, 50% less electricity. Our technology allows our elevating platforms to consume less than 0.15KW.

    ascensore eco-sostenibile A.R.E. srl

    Eco-sustainability and Energy Recovery

    When our elevating platforms and elevators are operating empty, or at full capacity, our technology uses the engine as a built-in dynamo to generate electricity. This system enables them to recover the energy developed and store it in their batteries, which leads to lower electricity bills and reduced pollution.

    sistema anti-blackout A.R.E. srl

    Anti-blackout System

    Since our products use batteries, they can be used even in the event of a temporary power failure from the electricity grid (blackout).

  • nessun aumento di potenza del contatore

    No Need for Additional Energy

    Because our elevating platforms and elevators use 150 Watts and 300 Watts of power, respectively, you can use them without worrying about switching off other domestic appliances. Furthermore, there is no need to increase the power of the electricity supply contract as the standard power of private dwellings or the staircase light in condominiums or offices is sufficient.

    impianti ecologici e puliti

    Ecological and Clean

    Our products respect the environment because they do not use any oil of any type, not even as a lubricant for the sliding guides.

    garanzia della massima sicurezza

    Maximum Safety

    All our elevators, irrespective of where they are installed, have a speed limit mechanism that prevents the uncontrolled movement of the cabin. This speed limit mechanism guarantees the highest possible level of safety present on the market today.

Our Firm

A youthful firm, which is dedicated to further developing a technology, whose primary objective is saving energy.

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Our Products

A.R.E. offers 3 product types with specific features to satisfy all installation needs.

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Our Installations

Our solutions can be adapted to any installation, which architects and designers may request, making it easier to make the most of the spaces we live in.

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