Innovative traction system

Innovative traction system

Manca il testo: Quanto vale per un Cliente il sistema Anti Blackout dell’ascensore che sta acquistando?

Technology that makes a difference

Energy efficiency and ecological sustainability are the two key points behind the patented technology A.R.E. H2E. A.R.E. products were designed and developed both to meet users’ energy saving needs, and to minimise emissions and environmental impact.

Advantages of H2E technology: minimised consumption, possibility of using the normal single-phase 230 V line and possibility of use even in the event of a prolonged blackout. Regarding the first point, our Platform Lifts operate using just 0.13 kW, around half the power needed by a traditional hydraulic lift.

Thanks to this minimal energy expenditure, there is no need to install a dedicated three-phase 380 V line, as is the case for classic vertical lifting systems. Instead the Platform Lifts are equivalent to a normal electrical appliance, so they can be connected to the single-phase 230 V mains. This aspect is particularly important both in multi-storey homes, and in business properties or blocks of flats, since it avoids the need for expensive upgrades to the electrical system.

Plus, the presence of the built-in double battery is an additional advantage, both in terms of efficiency and as regards lifting system safety. The batteries make the product independent from mains electricity in a blackout, allowing the lift to operate under any circumstances, without any risk to the user.

Committed Power

L’impegno di potenza delle piattaforme  Mangusta 2.0 e Miniwatt 2.0  è pari a solo  130 W. I livelli di efficienza energetica raggiunti dai nostri prodotti sono ad oggi ineguagliabili da altri produttori italiani o esteri.

Anti Black-Out System

The main power system for our lifting systems consists of batteries. This means that you can keep using them even in the event of a sudden mains power cut, around 30 times. The number of uses may vary depending on the battery charge level.

Highest Energy Efficiency

No need to adjust the pre-installed meter or to install another, higher capacity one, as is the case for all other products. The standard power meter installed in all homes or the building meter in a block of flats is sufficient.

Energy Recovery System

L’energia rigenerata dalle piattaforme durante l’utilizzo, viene immagazzinata nelle batterie per essere utilizzata nelle successive corse dell’ascensore. L’autoalimentazione garantisce una reale riduzione dei consumi che si traduce in minori costi di gestione e rispetto per l’ambiente.

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