Our eco-sustainable technology

We protect the environment in order to protect our future

ARE is constantly investing in research into eco-sustainable solutions that significantly contribute to reducing the impact on the environment. Our technicians have taken this direction in developing ARE SMART POWER. The energy recovery System and the presence of solar panels ensure that the minimum amount of electricity is absorbed from the power grid.


Elevators ARE can generate energy during normal usage phases: when the cabin is going up empty or when it is going down and is full. The energy produced is not lost but stored in the batteries. Thanks to the use of this technology, on average, one in every five times it is used, it does not absorb energy from the grid but uses what has been stored in the batteries. Self-powering guarantees a real reduction in consumption which translates into lower running costs.


The ARE SMART POWER technology allows you to make the most of the renewable energy generated by the sun to recharge the batteries and minimise the amount absorbed from the power grid, all done by simply installing a solar panel. This solution not only reduces the cost of electricity needed to use the Lift but guarantees respect for the environment by taking a large leap towards a sustainable economy and use of circular energies.

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