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Z E N – 0

Z E N – 0


Thanks to the technology used, the ZEN-0 lift marks a big step towards the production of a lifting system with minimal impact on the resources needed to power it.

The ARE-patented SMART-POWER system used for ZEN-0 allows smart power management.

The energy regenerated during use is stored in the batteries and used by the lift for subsequent travel rather than being dispersed in the form of heat, as is the case for traditional electric lifts.

Self-powering guarantees a real reduction in consumption which translates into lower running costs.

Unique energy saving values in the sector

As well as recovering part of the energy it uses to operate, the ZEN-0 lift requires minimal power – 500 Watts – making it an ecologically sustainable lifting system with energy savings never seen before in the sector.

ZEN-0 is a lift expressly devised for those customers whose goal is environmental protection and who decide to install a lifting system suited to future ecological sustainability requirements.

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Ascensore elettrico rigenerativo a batteria ZEN: Punti di Forza

Massima efficienza energetica, ai vertici del settore

Impianto eco-sostenibile con recupero di energia

Impianto ecologico e pulito, non fa uso di oli lubrificanti

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— di serie —

Impianto alimentato
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Massimo confort e silenziosità di marcia

Impianto MRL
Senza locale macchine

Impegno di potenza inferiore a 300watt

Massimi livelli di sicurezza

Z E N – 0 Technical Features

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