Ascensori e piattaforme elevatrici per hotel

Solutions for hotels and residences

Latest-generation technology


In tourist accommodation, the possibility of having lifting systems equipped with an anti-blackout system, which are regenerative, energy saving, with customisable finishes and dimensions, allows tourist sector operators to improve both the aesthetics and quality of the products they supply.

Efficiency and service continuity

The certainty that even if there is a power cut the lifting system – lift or platform lift – will continue operating is extremely reassuring for tourist sector operators as well as being a strong selling point for them.

Never get stuck in a lift again!

If the accommodation is in a mountainous or isolated zone, the possibility of a power cut is very high, for example due to storms or heavy snowfall.

The technology used by A.R.E. lifting systems not only prevents customers from being trapped in the lift, but allows the lifting system to be used even during prolonged black outs, enhancing the place’s reputation.

Who is interested in our products?


A.R.E. does not sell directly to end-users but uses a network of highly qualified dealers and installers, who are able to guarantee the highest quality of pre and after sales service. Selected professional operators, who value our products make up the first and most important aspect of A.R.E. on the market.

Construction Companies

Every elevating system has an impact on how a building is made or renovated. We understand the intricacies of construction, and that is why we are able to support the needs, timelines, and work progress schedules or construction companies.


The absolute customization of our elevating systems best satisfies the needs of those who have to imagine spaces according to the characteristics of the environment and its owners, both in terms of shapes and furnishing. A.R.E. is the ideal partner to create the synergies necessary to achieve optimal results.

Apartment Block Administrators

Apartment Block Administrators understand that elevators do not just have a physical dimension they also have a “social” one. Choosing the right elevator is important. The wellbeing of tenants is often dependent on its reliability, efficiency, direct and maintenance costs, and continuity of service.

Interior Designers

As with architects, interior designers, need flexibility when considering technical solutions. Since our elevating systems can be adapted to any space and location, they are an ideal solution for interior designers to explore.

Building Owners

Building and house owners, above all others, need elevators that are both efficient and adaptable to the space they have. However, they also want a product that reflects their environmental concerns; a product that will save energy, that will reduce pollution, and will recuperate part of the energy it uses.

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