Novità 2020:
Zen-0 il nuovo standard per l’ascensore rigenerativo

Nuovo prodotto ecosostenibile ad altissima efficienza energetica, dotato di serie dell’esclusivo sistema AUTO-RIGENERATIVO per il recupero dell’energia

Perfect solutions for any environment

Every lifting system we produce is a “tailor-made” design.

We strive to meet customer requirements both in terms of dimensions and as regards appearance thanks to the possibility of choosing from a wide range of materials and colours.

Our products stand out not just because of their unique technical features but, above all, due to their ability to always meet customer expectations. Our models are presented below; for more details, click on the relative button.

Our models

M A N G U S T A 2 . 0

Energy saving platform lift

Mangusta is an electric lift with A.R.E.-patented innovative H2E® (High Efficient Energy) traction system, allowing it to use just 0,23 kW, consuming half the electricity needed by hydraulic lifts. Plus, its two batteries mean that Mangusta can even be used in the event of prolonged blackouts.

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Z E N – 0

Regenerative energy recovery lift

Battery-powered regenerative electric lift. Thanks to development of an energy recovery technology for lifting system operation, the ZEN regenerative lift marks a big step towards the production of a lifting system with minimal impact on the resources needed to power it.

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M I N I W A T T 2 . 0

Electric lift

Miniwatt is an electric lift which enhances the property in which it is installed thanks both to its technical features and the variety of possibilities for aesthetic integration with its surroundings. This lift is the ideal solution for reaching attics, lofts or in all situations with top floor landings with height restrictions.

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Main features

Mangusta 2.0

Loadup to 400Kg
Lift power supplyBattery
Committed power 0,23kW
Maximum speed0.30 m/s
Manoeuvre in the cabAutomatic


Loadup to 630Kg
Lift power supplyBattery
Committed power0,5kW
Maximum speedup to 0.8 m/s
Manoeuvre in the cabAutomatic

Miniwatt 2.0

Loadup to 400Kg
Lift power supplyBattery
Committed power0,13kW
Maximum speed0.15 m/s
Manoeuvre in the cabManual

Our strong points

No increase in power consumption
Anti-Blackout System
Highest energy efficiency
Eco friendly and clean
Comfortable and quiet
Energy recovery system
Motor room less