Anti-Blackout System

What value does a Customer place on the Anti-Blackout system of the lift they are buying?


Technology that makes a difference

A.R.E. technology , unlike that used by other manufacturers, is based on the use of BATTERIES as the main power system for its lifting systems and only uses the mains for operating the battery charging system.

That technology guarantees that the lifting system can operate normally even in the event of a power cut (on average for more than 20 uses).

In contrast, hybrid lifting systems mainly use mains electricity and the role of the batteries is only to BACK UP the power needed for lifting system operation. As a result, in a mains blackout there is no guarantee that such lifting systems will be able to keep operating.

This “ALWAYS WORKING” concept is shared by all A.R.E. lifting systems – whether lifts or lift platforms – they are fully independent from mains electricity, so can keep running even in a Blackout, guaranteeing perfect safety and complete functionality under any conditions.

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