A.R.E. Ascensori a Risparmio Energetico

“Tailor-made” design and industrial production

All product specifications are studied and planned exclusively by our in-house technical staff of highly qualified experts.

To guarantee the highest quality and the most advanced production standards, for some processing we use outstanding partners to make specific elements and components, so that we have access to the best possible technologies for the type of project required by the Customer.

The heart of the lifting system, the electric and electronic components which form the basis of our technology and the relative testing, is entirely managed by our in-house electrical department.

The final test of all mechanical parts is also managed in-house, to ensure that every component of every project complies with Customer specifications.

Always close to Customers

Our sales department helps Italian and foreign Customers define the details for each project, keeping them up-to-date throughout the lifting system design and production stages.

Thanks to an extensive network of highly qualified resellers, who guarantee A.R.E. a presence in all Italian regions and a constantly expanding network of foreign sales partners, we are a leading international company.