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A.R.E. Ascensori a Risparmio Energetico

The first company to produce only battery-operated lifts

A.R.E. S.r.l was established in 2009 thanks to the vision of Franco Antonelli – born 1938 – who during his six decade career in the lift sector was the first to develop a technology allowing platform lifts to be used with a travel of more than 4 metres (1995), to be incredibly energy efficient and to be powered with normal lead-acid batteries (2003 patent).

Franco aimed to make a lift capable of adapting to any installation requirements, to considerably cut consumption and to have it self-generate part of the energy to be used for its operation.

His vision is now an internationally successful industrial reality: A.R.E. – (acronym for Ascensori a Risparmio Energetico – Energy Saving Lifts)

Franco Antonelli

Franco Antonelli

Who we are now

Today A.R.E. is a youthful, dynamic company, which constantly invests in the development of new solutions and technologies able to guarantee its products maximum efficiency and respect for the environment.

Examples are the current performance in terms of mains power used, only 130 Watts for our Platform Lifts and 500W for Lifts.

A.R.E. today makes safe, highly customisable products, with energy efficiency that other Italian or international manufacturers have not been able to match.

Our vision

Our Vision is to build “green” lifting systems so as to provide a considerable contribution to pollution reduction in the near future.

To do this, right from the start we asked the question: what would the positive impact on the environment be if all lifting systems limited the mains power they used to 500 Watts (compared with 4 or 5 kilowatts for the most efficient electric lifts or 10 kilowatts for hydraulic lifting systems).

We wondered what the savings would be, both in terms of expenditure and environmental impact, if all of the lifting systems installed were of the regenerative type, with low power used and ecologically sustainable and how many million fewer kilowatts per year would be needed at national grid level if we were to adopt exclusively real energy saving lifting systems.

The goal of our technology is precisely this: to reduce power consumption and to respect the environment.

Our values

“We don’t just make lifting systems, we create lifestyle solutions, where energy saving and ecological sustainability lie at the heart of the choice of product to be installed in your home or workplace”.

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