New energy management system

nuovo sistema di gestione dell’energia

Manca il testo: Quanto vale per un Cliente il sistema Anti Blackout dell’ascensore che sta acquistando?

The new Lift Technology

Efficiency, ecological sustainability and technological innovation are the three key points on which our research is based. Thanks to experience and specific expertise, the company has revolutionised the electric lift sector, by patenting an innovative technology called ARE SMART POWER.

This technology brings many advantages.

ZEN-0 uses just 500 W of power, plus instead of being dispersed the energy produced by the lift during use is stored in the batteries, then consumed during subsequent lift use, optimising its performance.

ARE SMART POWER also allows recognition of prolonged lift inactivity; in these cases Stand-By Evolution mode is automatically activated, turning off all lift functions, except those needed for its subsequent use.

Finally, thanks to Switch mode, if the batteries are flat, mains electricity is used as the main power source. This avoids the risk of lifts getting stuck, but mains electricity is only used if necessary, so as to cut consumption (and therefore fixed costs) and minimise the environmental impact of the lift.

Stand by evolution

The most hazardous type of waste is that which we’re unable to recognise” ZEN-0 recognises waste and knows when to avoid it. Thanks to STAND-BY EVOLUTION, if the lift is inactive for a prolonged period, all functions are switched off except those needed for its subsequent use.

Switch mode

Lift power switches from batteries to mains, informing the passenger with an illuminated icon. In SWITCH MODE the lift moves more slowly so that it remains within the parameters of the electricity meter installed.

Energy recovery system

An energy recovery system has become an unavoidable feature in order to reach the peak of the energy saving category in all sectors. The energy regenerated by ZEN-0 during use is stored in the batteries and consumed during subsequent lift use. Self-powering guarantees a real reduction in consumption which translates into lower running costs.

Committed power

The power requirement of the ZEN-0 is only 500W. The energy efficiency levels achieved by ZEN-0 are now unmatched by other Italian or foreign manufacturers.

Anti black-out system

A.R.E. technology is based on the use of batteries as the main power system for its lifting system and only uses the mains for operating the battery charging system. That technology guarantees that the lifting system can operate normally even in the event of a power cut (on average for more than 20 uses).

Charging from panels

The batteries are recharged thanks to the use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels. This solution results in lower operating costs and guarantees total respect for the environment.

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